Mimeo MySite - REST APIs


Mimeo provides a set of RESTful APIs that you can use to programmatically integrate your existing applications and your Mimeo services.

Currently we provide five API endpoints that allow you to simulate most functions in our Web UI via the API.

These MySite APIs are meant to give you better control and integration around all the documents you print with Mimeo.

Quick Start

    Sandbox Credentials

    The only credentials needed to use our API is to be a registered My Site user. To register simply go to: http://my.sandbox.mimeo.com and click on Sign up now link.

    Access Libraries

    The API is RESTful and supported by any language and platform. To help you get a jump start we have made available the following C# library.:

    Review and Download from GitHub MimeoRestLib.

    Code Examples using MimeoRestLib

      Initialize API Lib

      Get List of Documents in my Library Result:

    Review and Download a C# sample project from GitHub with more examples: ApiWebApp.

    In addition, You can download PHP examples: PHP Examples.

Order Information

    Get Order Information


    Get Order Tracking


    Get Order Status


API Documentation

Production URI

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